NFLukfans cameo in new SciFi book – Ephialtes

NFLukfans cameo in new SciFi book – Ephialtes by Gavin E Parker
If any of the below sounds appealing then you can purchase Ephialtes on and support a fellow fan!

Hello!  I’m an NFL fan from Thanet in Kent.  I work in computing with the guys who run this site but in my spare time I write science fiction.  I just thought I’d let you know about my new sci-fi novel, Ephialtes, which is out this week on Amazon Kindle and paperback.  The book features cameo appearances from Stocksy, Dave and Dennis of!

Ephialtes is set in 2241, immediately after the end of WWIV on Earth. The largest company on Mars, which more-or-less runs the settlement of Marineris, decides to break away from its parent company based in the Unites States and Nations on Earth. This effectively means that Mars has become an independent planet.

Weighing up the political ramifications, the USAN decide that this cannot stand. They resolve to refit a WWIV dropship-carrier spacecraft, Ephialtes, for interplanetary travel so they can stare down the Martians and force them to reconsider.

On becoming aware of this, the Martians develop some defences and await the arrival of the mighty Ephialtes.

The book concentrates on the social and political aspects of the situation (that’s to say it’s not full of gung-ho space marines fighting, though there is still a fair share of action) and particularly explores the way in which two sides get inexorably drawn into a conflict even as they plot and scheme to avoid it.

If any of the above sounds appealing you can find Ephialtes on  Reviews are available here and here and there is a trailer on YouTube.  There are also some samples available on the website, including a free PDF of the first 101 pages.   Enjoy!


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