Looking Back 2014/15 International Series

International Series – Well where do we start, looking back at last years International Series there is a lot to pack in- we have the build up, Events, Tailgates and of course the Games…
This is then all topped off in the Grand finally that is the SuperBash – key dramatic music!

Game 1 – Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders

September 28 Miami Dolphins 38 Oakland Raiders 14 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 83,436 Recap Def Leppard.

What can we say, the long long wait was to be finally over – with a detour as normal to pick up Dave we stocked up on sweets and other goodies – donning our Raiders gear we were confident that we would see a GatoRaiders win 😀 if you dont know what I am talking about then watch this link…

Anyhow back on topic, we drove up in our raiders kit on the day – grabbed a Mexican and looked about the tailgate!  on the tailgate Raiders were gicving away caps scarf’s and other NFL gear for free, we were lucky enough to get caps and scarf`s SO THANKYOU RAIDERS.

Anyhow the game was amazing, but as normal we supported the side that lost..  it appears we are cursed =D


Game 2 – Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons

October 26 Detroit Lions 22 Atlanta Falcons 21 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 83,532 Recap Little Mix

Dressed in various kit we headed off to this game, Dave went in Lions kit, Den in Steelers,  Dan in his Legendary London Monarchs Jersey see below.

This was one of the closest games we have watched, and while we lacked some interestet in both teams the game spoke volumes, and of course RISE UP  still rings in my head today – watch the youtube vid if you dont know what i mean.


Game 3 – Dallas Cowboys @ Jacksonville Jaguars

November 9 Dallas Cowboys 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 17 Wembley Stadium United Kingdom London 83,603 Recap Joss Stone

Jaguar games are always something we look forward to (well apart from David who`s team are the Cowboys so he went rouge)

Den and Dan were lucky enough to be invited to the training session the week before and Dan was able to get his shirts and ball signed, which made him very happy.   Watching the Jags training while it pissed it down with rain was great, and all in all it was a very good day indeed – the one thing I couldn’t grasp was how short Cecil Shorts 3rd was, I mean I towered over him – I think I could outrun him too 🙂 ……… well maybe not.

So back to the match day, while we were at at the tail gate Dan managed to win the only office NFL ball on some stupid competition – hows that work out??? I just got a crappy see-through bag that I have 10 of already, I smell fix – as normal we watched and supported the loosing team 🙂


SuperBash at indigo O2


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